1000+ modern coding e-books for nothing

Christmas time! Did you ever know guys that there is a legal way to download complete set of coding books from one You-Know-Who publisher for free??? Ask me how.

Can you see a single flaw? I’m not.

Thanks to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named publisher provided a  free of charge 10-days trial period  service on which you may find any book you want with the whole content delivered as old plain html pages.  Since every page contains single book’s chapter the only trouble is how to parse DOM sources (if you really think that’s trouble).

King of defeat

The first step is to get a free trial membership account on the  %SERVICE_NAME% page.  You know wha…?  A little tip: don’t use restricted symbols (for example !/$~ etc)  for the login and password. It may break down auth request to the REST API with the BEARER token.

Next, you need to prepare an ordinary development environment.

  • Install git.
  • Install Node.js. I would recommend most of the node versions between v4.4.5 and v.6.9.5.  But the Node.JS 10 also will be eligible option.

Finally, you need to get client id and secret key for the publisher handy RESTfull API’s and start coding a REST API wrapper ! Or  instead just download the Chosen One parser from github written on javascript.  That parser can download the whole book, including images, css and even book cover only by it’s identifier.

Thousands of books. Thousands of books everywhere….

Unfortunately the parser i have mentioned above can’t download the books by any other criteria than theirs id’s. Still it’s not a problem as You-Know-What REST API is supplied with powerful searching engine you may use to extract book’s ids. Moreover the parser sources are open and you able to  improve it!

For educational sake after a  little bit of coding practice i managed to add necessary javascripts functions.  And then i tried to download about 1000 interesting to me books (and delete them after of course). To my greatest surpise my IP even don’t get blocked or added to blacklists or something else.

Hopefully by now i’ve shared with you enough information to help you decide if this way obtaining the books are for you. If they are i hope you think of this as a journey, not a destination.

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