Making docker available to external world from VM

Needles to say i am coding on Windows quite plenty of time. But for deploying goals i always in preference of using Docker running on Ubuntu, Vagrant or other linux systems. If you apply a similar approach then the one of the first challenges you will certainly face is accessing Docker from Virtual box. But don’t worry! I will explain how to deal with it below.

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How to make connection via ssh client to Debian VBox from scratch

Having troubles with plain console connection to Debian using ssh client on Windows 10, huh?  There is no issue simplier to solve indeed! You do not even need  to generate any private/ public keys at all! In this article, I will show you how to connect to Debian with already installed ssh-server, which you should get installed by default anyway. If not – read the short article.
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Как установить 1Script на Linux

Вкратце 1Script – это движок, которые позволяет запускать скрипты на 1С-подобном языке программирования без необходимости устанавливать платформу 1С и возиться с лицензиями. На официальном сайте на момент написания статьи была только инструкция по установке на Windows.

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