How to make connection via ssh client to Debian VBox from scratch

Having troubles with plain console connection to Debian using ssh client on Windows 10, huh?  There is no issue simplier to solve indeed! You do not even need  to generate any private/ public keys at all! In this article, I will show you how to connect to Debian with already installed ssh-server, which you should get installed by default anyway. If not – read the short article.

Step 1. Configure network in Vbox

Turn off the Debian. Setup the virtualbox to use 2 adapters:

  • The first adapter is set to NAT (that will give you the internet connection).
  • The second adapter is set to host only.

Now you can start debian machine again.

Step 2. Ping Debian Virtual Box for Windows 10

How do you know the IP of vbox machine? Just go to Network connections and with double-click look at IPv4 address in Details  menu of VirtualBox Host-Only adapter.

Knowing IP address of Vbox adapter you may start Debian and with ping command check if the network has been set correctly.

Step 3. Obtain IP of SSH server on Debian machine.

First of all you should know that IP address obtained on the previous step differs form IP of SSH Server running on debian machine. So before you can connect to the SSH server remotely, you must know the IP address of the SSH server.

To know the SSH server IP you need to  log in Debian and execute two comands

1 Check current state of ssh server

sudo systemctl status ssh

2. Get the actual IP of  machine with SSH Server

ip a

You can see from the screenshot that the IP address of the computer I have SSH server installed on is

Step 4. Connect to Debian using SSH

Now you can open cmd.exe on WIndows 10 and try to run next command

ssh your_debian_user@your_debian_ssh_ip

For me it would be mesosadmin@

That’s it! I hope this article will save a day (or even days) of restless searching.

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